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an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery - it's the sincerest form of learning.” 
― George Bernard Shaw



Sometimes you just really fall in love with a band. Deadheads and phish fans know what this statement means. Richard Gober was bit by the Widespread Panic bug in 1993 and its been a love affair ever since. A part-time musician and to the max music lover, especially of the jam genre, Gober spent hours and hours studying and listening to their music. Widespread Panic offered him also an outlet for expanding his guitar and vocal offerings. The more he studied the band, the more he was able to more naturally fit into the shoes of frontman, John Bell. Feeling deeply connected to the music, Gober found he could with natural ease delve deep into their repertoire, while continuing to adjust to their continual musical evolution. He could emulate the music Panic fans loved.


As founder Richard Gober became increasingly inspired by Widespread Panic, he couldn’t help but feel there was a void of bands catering to Panic fans. How could a band that shattered venue sell-out records across the nation not have a long list of tribute bands keeping their groove alive? It was especially odd to Gober that in his hometown of Austin, Texas, a town built on the heart and soul of music fans, such a group need not exist. 


In fact, no pun intended, Panic tribute bands did not exist widely as a whole. The music is complicated and the catalog of songs vast. It was not an easy sell to his fellow musicians, especially those not familiar with the band or their style. Furthermore, he would have to find others that could catch his long held fervor in a short period of time.

Persistence prevailed and over the last six years Gober and a rotation of some of Austin’s best musicians have been keeping Texas Widespread Panic fans on their feet.


“Everyone that has come to play with Panic Stricken has had a big part in building what we have today and I will be forever grateful for their talents and friendship.”


-Founding Member PANIC STRICKEN
Richard Gober Lead Vocals / Guitar







The Band


– Richard Gober –
Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar 

– Cameron Cummings –
Lead Guitar / Vox 

– Will Landin –

– Max Moscoe –
Keys / Vox 

5.6.22 Fat Cat Drums (2).JPG

– John Voss –

– Kevin Parmley –

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